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Best Practices: Termination (print + ProView)
By: Hugh Secord, CHRP, SHRP
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Effective and clear termination policies and procedures are a critical human resources tool. They provide shelter from potential lawsuits and clarify the employment relationship before it begins, ensuring there is no misunderstanding between the parties. This looseleaf volume includes exclusive step-by-step guidance to the termination and disciplinary policies and procedures that will save your organization money and increase employee productivity - both in the short and long-term. You'll benefit from:
  • Comprehensive approach - 10 chapters canvass all aspects of voluntary and involuntary terminations of employees, as well as a complete discussion of an employer's disciplinary options
  • Practical tools including 25 forms, checklists, tip sheets and sample policies - identified by industry, size of firm, union or non-union and province - designed to be easily customized to your particular circumstances
  • Easy-to-use format - Bringing together all of the information and documentation you need to accomplish the crucial tasks
  • Up-to-date coverage - The looseleaf format combined with regular supplementation keeps readers current on the latest developments in this fast moving field
  • Commentary you can trust - Written by leading management consultants and experienced employment law practitioners
Best Practices: Termination is designed to provide specific advice to employers for anticipating or resolving all of the issues they are likely to encounter on a regular basis, including:
  • Effectively managing disciplinary problems
  • How to get the most useful information out of an exit interview
  • Reviewing options before enacting involuntary terminations
  • Criteria for downsizing - e.g. skills-based, merit-based, seniority-based, equity-based, project or client-based?
  • How to avoid allegations of age discrimination on early retirement policies
  • Minimizing the loss of good people
  • Dealing with the psychological realities of termination, and strategies for coping with stress
  • Documenting a dismissal for just cause
  • Volunteering information to a reference check without liability
  • The significance of "whistleblower" laws
  • How to choose a career transition firm
Table of Contents • Cultural and Policy Considerations • Termination Procedures • Legal Considerations • Disciplinary Discharge • Resignation and Retirement • Severance • Downsizing • Life After Change - Survivors and Reengineering • Outplacement Services • Canadian Practices. Carswell eReference Library™ is a virtual library that allows subscribers to access print looseleaf products whose contents have been made available in an online format. Subscribe to any eReference looseleaf and you get online access for an unlimited number of users at the same location. It's like getting unlimited copies for the price of one. In addition to being cost-effective, every eReference looseleaf offers the convenience of seamlessly integrated updates and the efficiency of searching and tracking features. Each title is available in two subscription options – print with online access or online access only. For more information visit
About the Author
Hugh Secord, B.A., M.B.A., CHRP, SHRP is Chief Strategist with Oakbridges Labour Relations Strategists Inc. Hugh has been a Human Resource Management and Labour Relations Consultant practicing throughout Canada with over 30 years of experience in virtually every industrial sector. He held several Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) positions before entering the consulting field in 2005. Hugh has acted as chief spokesman in over 130 collective agreements and has been involved in resolving hundreds of grievances and other employment disputes. He has proactively promoted alternative dispute resolution methods, and his innovative approaches led to one of the first evergreen ("no-strike") contracts in the private sector. Hugh is the author of several books on human resource management practices including Implementing Best Practices in Human Resources Management, Best Practices: Strategic Human Resources Management and HR Manager's Guide to Attendance Management, and has written over 250 articles on human resources and labour relations topics. In addition, he has taught Organizational Behaviour and Employment Law courses and has spoken on labour topics in various forums.