Occupational health and safety, human resources, and records retention publications

Occupational health and safety (OH&S) specialists, human resources practitioners, and records management professionals need to stay aware of the ever-changing legal and regulatory environment and emerging trends and best practices in their fields.

Thomson Reuters provides answers to complex issues relating to HR, OH&S, and records retention. Turn to the trusted resource Canadian professionals have relied upon for generations.

Occupational health and safety compliance resources

Thomson Reuters is the go-to resource for compliance information relating to occupational health and safety legislation across Canada. Our Pocket Ontario OH&S Act, Consolidated Ontario OH&S Act, Handi-Guides — Alberta, British Columbia, Federal, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Atlantic Canada — and other publications give you the legislation, compliance, and best-practices information you need to maintain a healthy and safe workplace and meet your due diligence obligations under the law.

Whether you’re a health and safety practitioner or committee member, HR professional, union representative, government inspector, or lawyer, you can trust Thomson Reuters to help minimize legal, financial, and reputational risk and ensure your organization remains safe, healthy, and accident free.

Human resources publications

Canadian HR practitioners have long relied on Thomson Reuters to provide employment law guidance, interpretation of legislation and case law, best practices, and sample employment policies and HR forms. Our Quick Reference legislation guidebooks provide practical commentary and plain-language interpretation of key employment legislation in several different jurisdictions. Our human resources guides and best practices publications provide expert commentary and practical advice necessary to develop and enhance HR policies, practices, and programs for your organization.

Records Retention Compliance Centre 

Gwen Harvey

Find direction on establishing an appropriate retention schedule and reduce costly storage space. Records Retention Compliance Centre delivers full-text citations on a single USB key, providing direction on the classification of records for storage. Regional editions include a USB key with the relevant statutory and regulatory provisions of that province.

Powerful searching capabilities allow you to search by jurisdiction, topic, or industry; type of record; code number of record; keywords or phrases; name or citation of the statute or regulation; or any combination of the above.

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