Newsletter and Currency

Many Thomson Reuters Canada print and online products include currency and alert features to keep subscribers informed of the latest developments in their area of practice.

eLooseleafs Publisher's Notes

eLooseleafs (formerly eReference Library) on Thomson Reuters ProView™
Publisher's Notes
Locate specific titles available on eReference Library on Thomson Reuters ProView and view their Publisher's Notes for the latest updates.
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The Canadian Abridgment Bulletin

Users of The Canadian Abridgment can review highlights of new developments and gain helpful research tips.
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Electronic Law Reports (eReports)

Subscribers to Law Reports receive an electronic version of the "paper part" as issued for the publication.
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Subscribers receive an e-mail alert containing case summaries linked to the full text of recent court decisions for the area(s) selected from one of our weekly or monthly services.
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Statute Citator Bulletins

Weekly bulletins that highlight the status of Bills introduced during the current legislative sessions:
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e-notes Service

e-notes is an automatic electronic notification service for subscribers to British Columbia Annual Practice, Martin’s Annual Criminal Code and Ontario Annual Practice.
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