Access to academic materials

Everyone needs to be able to learn, and Thomson Reuters supports learning by supplying PDF files directly to schools upon request.

Electronic PDFs of course-required publications allow students with perceptual disabilities to manipulate features of the documents to suit their individual needs. Schools, colleges, and universities can use these documents in conjunction with specially designed software to create specially formatted copies and sound recordings.

To request PDF copies of our titles, please follow the instructions below.

Arrange for your Ombudsman Office or Accessibility Services Office to contact
Thomson Reuters
19 Duncan Street
Toronto, Ontario Canada M5H 3H1

Provide the following information:

  • Title of book
  • Edition of book
  • Author of book
  • ISBN
  • Course name
  • Course number
  • Semester
  • Instructor’s name

Thomson Reuters will gladly forward the required PDF file and disclosure letter to the department directly.

There is no charge for this service as long as the student has purchased a copy of the Work.