More than 1400 legal print and online law resources are featured in the Carswell and Canada Law Book law collection. All areas of Canadian law have legacy and groundbreaking works in traditional print, currency subscription and powerful web and mobile formats to inform both legal practitioners and professionals in other industries on all aspects of Canadian law.

Online legal research

Westlaw Canada

Westlaw Canada is the only online research tool in Canada designed with the whole research process in mind – recognizing that your goal is to discover the law, not just find cases on point.

Practical Law™ Canada

Practical Law Canada content is created with the front-line lawyer in mind and provides know-how needed to practice more efficiently, improve client service, and add more value.

Thomson Reuters® ProView

Thomson Reuters® ProView is a professional grade app that gives you the freedom to work however, whenever, and wherever you want. You can access content from your tablet or smartphone, or directly from your web browser.

Newsletters and Currency Tools

Westlaw Canada Customer Newsletters

Learn about new product developments and enhancements, information on what is coming soon and get tips for more powerful research.

Support for The Canadian Abridgment

This service is available in many forms, including a newsletter for users, shelving directions and live assistance from Abridgment experts.

Electronic Law Reports (eReports)

The electronic delivery of Canada Law Book Law Reports is available for full-service subscribers toa selection of Canada Law Book Law Reports.


caseAlert is an electronic service delivering email updates of relevant cases in your choice of various practice areas. Subscribers receive an e-mail alert containing case summaries linked to the full text of recent court decisions for the area(s) selected from one of our weekly or monthly services.

Statute Citator Bulletins Ontario  |  Canada

This service is weekly bulletins that highlight the status of Bills introduced during the current legislative sessions.
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Resources for Law Schools

Law School Faculty Resources  |  Thomson Reuters Canada Desk Copy

Search, browse and request complimentary desk copies with ease, on Thomson Reuters Canada Desk Copy website:

  • Quickly find teaching resources from Carswell and Canada Law Book, with quality commentary and top-notch case editing
  • Request complimentary desk copies relevant to the courses you teach
  • Order resources for your personal library at 20% Lecturers' Discount

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