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Canadian Criminal Procedure, Sixth Edition
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Published for nearly 40 years, this leading work, now also available online in CriminalSource, covers every aspect of procedure under the Criminal Code. Canadian Criminal Procedure, Sixth Edition offers an authoritative perspective and analysis of each relevant provision of the Criminal Code, all the leading cases and their associated principles. Gain insight from recent case law from some of Canada's highest courts regarding:
  • General warrants
  • Jury instructions
  • Parole ineligibility
  • Long-term offenders
  • Appeal by the Crown, and more
Get the advantages of:
  • A "judicial" perspective of many procedural issues
  • Critical commentary and overall historical analysis
  • A text covering every possible procedural issue under the Criminal Code which you could face in trial
  • A complete reference to the law of criminal procedure in Canada in one single resource
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About the Author
The Honourable Roger E. Salhany, Q.C. is a retired Justice of the Ontario Superior Court. He is a frequent lecturer on criminal evidence and criminal procedure, and is the author of several works in this subject area including the Police Manual of Arrest, Seizure and Interrogation, the Criminal Trial Handbook, and The Practical Guide to Evidence in Criminal Cases, all published by Carswell.