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DNA: A Practical Guide
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A complete resource for investigators, prosecutors and criminal defence attorneys confronted with proceedings involving DNA evidence, this guide covers the legal and scientific aspects of DNA collection and analysis, the presentation and scrutiny of DNA evidence in Canadian criminal courts, and the role of the expert witness. The authors' insightful commentary and helpful explanations also discuss post-conviction sampling issues and the use of mitochondrial DNA as evidence. Additional features include the full text of the DNA Identification Act and related regulations, as well as relevant provisions of the Criminal Code; the "Crown Policy Manual - DNA Databanking Legislation"; and an annual report and statistics pertaining to the National DNA Data Bank.
About the Author
Justice David Rose is a judge of the Ontario Court of Justice. He was a founding partner at Neuberger Rose LLP and prior to that was an associate at Rosenbaum Neuberger and a partner at Marko Rose Layton Arbuck. Prior to his appointment to the Ontario Court of Justice in 2014, he managed his own practice, focusing on criminal law. Over the course of his career, he has represented clients in the Supreme Court of Canada, Court of Appeal for Ontario, Superior Court of Justice and Ontario Court of Justice. Justice Rose is the co-author of DNA: A Practical Guide and of The Law of Traffic Offences, 3rd Edition, and the editor of Snow's Annotated Criminal Code (Eighth Edition).
Dr. Lisa Goos is a research psychologist specializing in psychiatric genetics and genetic communications. Currently affiliated with the Hosptal for Sick Children in Toronto, Dr. Goos also teaches at York University and has worked at the Centre of Forensic Sciences in Ontario – one of the most extensive forensic science facilities in North America.