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EU State Aids, 5th Edition
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This work provides you with a detailed examination of the substantive and procedural aspects of state aid law and policy, analysing the underlying rules and how they have been applied by the Commission and the Courts. It is an invaluable resource to all those involved in advising or litigating matters of state aid, from lawmakers to regulators, lawyers, economists and courts.
  • Explains the European Commission's considerable powers to monitor, control and restrict the forms and levels of aid given by all EU member states to their industries
  • Covers specific issues such as public sector aid, guarantees and taxation
  • Examines State aid in specific sectors, including the financial sector, agriculture, large investment projects, transport and broadcasting
  • Deals with horizontal aid, including aid for SMEs, employment and training, regional aid and aid for research, development and innovation
  • Discusses the economic aspects concerning State aid such as the market investor principle
  • Goes through the administrative procedure for examining State aid
  • Covers the remedies for dealing with and recovering unlawful State aid and the availability of judicial protection
  • Sets out the procedures for illegal state aid complaints
  • Includes summaries of all cases by the General Court and the Court of Justice
  • Lists all relevant rules, regulations, notices and guidance notes, with references to full texts
New to this Edition:
  • Presents a complete picture of EU State aid law since the fundamental reforms of the Commission's State Aid Action Plan
  • Includes an analysis of the impact of economics on state aid law
  • Covers the 2008 General Block Exemption Regulation and the emergency State aid measures issued by the Commission in recent years
  • Covers the impact of the new simplified notification procedures
  • Considers the impact of the Lisbon Treaty
  • Provides a full up date on WTO law
  • Examines the fluctuating case law on procedural rights of third parties
Contents Chapter 1: EU State Aid Law – Now a Truly Ugly Sister? Chapter 2: The Economics of State Aid and the Balancing Test Chapter 3: The General Framework Chapter 4: Article 107(2) and Article 107(3) Chapter 5: State Aid in the Accession Countries Chapter 6: WTO Regulation of Subsidies Chapter 7: De Minimis Aid Chapter 8: Public Sector Aid Chapter 9: Guarantees Chapter 10: Taxation Chapter 11: The General Block Exemption Regulation Chapter 12: Sectoral Aid Introduction Chapter 13: Agriculture Chapter 14: State Aid to the Coal and Steel Sectors Chapter 15: Regional Investment Aid to Large Investment Projects: the Rules Under the State Aid Architecture or 2007-2013 Chapter 16: Shipbuilding Chapter 17: Transport Chapter 18: Broadcasting Chapter 19: Financial Sector Chapter 20: The Energy Sector Chapter 21: Regional Aid Chapter 22: Environmental Aid Chapter 23: Research, Development and Innovation Aid Chapter 24: Rescuing and Restructuring Aid Chapter 25: Administrative Procedure Chapter 26: Recovery of Unlawful Aid Chapter 27: Judicial Protection Appendices: EU Competition Law Rules Applicable to State Aid ECJ Judgments and Orders General Court Judgments and Orders
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