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Financial Principles of Family Law (ProView online only)
By: Andrew J. Freedman, C.A., C.B.V., A.S.A., Sue C. Loomer, MAcc, CPA, CA, CBV, Vivian M. Alterman, Paula G. White, C.A.
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Financial Principles of Family Law is impressive in both its scope and its depth. Valuation concepts, approaches and methods are explained in simple language and are illustrated by reference to recent cases. This text will surely become an indispensable resource for family law practitioners. Lorne H. Wolfson Torkin Manes Cohen & Arbus, Toronto This is the only reference of its kind to incorporate all of the financial aspects of marital dissolution – including valuation, taxation, Federal Child Support Guidelines, income determination and case law analysis – in one place. This comprehensive, easy-to-use reference also includes:
  • A detailed analysis of valuation concepts, terminology and methodologies for the valuation of business interests and other types of assets and liabilities, balanced with relevant case law analysis – giving you the tools to prepare for examination for discovery and cross-examination of other experts
  • How to calculate income under the Federal Child Support Guidelines
  • An entire section devoted to practical issues, including disclosure requirements, structuring and financing the equalization payment, and domestic contract provisions relating to value
  • A comprehensive section devoted to the taxation aspects of family law
  • A new chapter on the role of the independent expert
  • All the latest developments in the law relevant to valuation, child support and taxation
  • Over 1,000 cases cited
  • Words & Phrases
  • Terms Legislatively Defined
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About the Author
Andrew J. Freedman, C.A., C.B.V., A.S.A., is a chartered accountant and chartered business valuator as well as a senior partner in the firm Duff & Phelps in Toronto. He is a Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers and Member of the Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Ontario and has provided expert valuation and tax evidence on family law matters in the Ontario Court (General and Provincial Divisions). Mr. Freedman is a frequent author and speaker on valuation and income tax matters for professional journals and organizations, including the Canadian and American Bar Associations, the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Ontario Bar Admission School, the Canadian Tax Foundation, the National Judicial Institute, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario and other professional organizations. He is a co-author of Financial Principles of Family Law.
Sue Loomer, MAcc, CPA, CA, CBV, is a Chartered Business Valuator and Chartered Accountant practicing in the area of intellectual property valuation and damages quantification. With over 22 years of professional experience, Suzanne's practice includes providing valuation opinions concerning businesses and intangible assets. Her reports and expertise have been rendered for various purposes including: income tax, succession planning, intellectual property infringement cases, breach of contract, matrimonial disputes, shareholder disputes, Securities Regulation, and others. Suzanne has testified before the Federal Court of Canada, Ontario Superior Court, and in various mediations and arbitrations. She regularly speaks at conferences and seminars, and has published articles and papers on business valuation, intellectual property, litigation support, succession planning and related topics. Suzanne is actively involved with the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (CICBV) and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the CICBV.
Paula G. White is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Business Valuator at the firm of Cole & Partners in Toronto. Her practice focus is on business valuation matters, financial litigation support and family law matters. Ms. White is a member of the Task Force on Goodwill Impairment Committee for the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (CICBV). She is a co-author of Financial Principles of Family Law.