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Hutchison's Search Warrant Manual, 2015 Edition
By: Scott C. Hutchison, B.A., LL.B.
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This is a practical text, directed to the work of warrant preparation and it includes precedent paragraphs to assist in drafting

Topics covered in this guide to the legal and practical issues associated with the judicial pre-authorization of investigative techniques include the organizing principles of search and seizure in Canada, the nature of judicial preauthorization, warrant authorizing provisions, identifying the things to be searched for and seized, identifying the location to be searched, offences under investigation, computers and search warrants and specialized warrant provisions. It includes coverage of general drafting approaches and specific procedural issues. The 2015 Edition includes updates to the most recent developments in the law. This includes coverage of Bill C-13 which is pending before parliament. New sections in the 2015 Edition include:
  • Profiles of Possible Targets
  • Legal Issues Arising from R. v. Vu
  • Digital Number Recorder Warrants
Specific issues are also discussed including the legal developments in computers and search warrants, the expectation of privacy and the proposed Bill protecting Canadians against online crime. Appendices contain the relevant Criminal Code provisions.
About the Author
Scott C. Hutchison, B.A., LL.B., is counsel at Stockwoods LLP in Toronto whose practice includes civil, regulatory and criminal litigation. Mr. Hutchison was formerly Crown Counsel with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. In addition to representing the Crown regularly at the appellate and Supreme Court of Canada levels, he is actively involved in the policy formulation and implementation process. Mr. Hutchison is also the author of Search and Seizure Law in Canada, and is co-author of Computer Crime in Canada, all published by Carswell.