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Ontario Statute Citator, R.S.O. 1990 Edition
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This annotated service, available online in the Ontario Citator Service, is based on the Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1990 and contains: Table of Statutes; Table of Cases; and statutes passed by the legislature subsequent to the 1990 revision. It provides all of the amendments under the title of each amended Act or digests of cases interpreting the specific sections of statutes appear under the applicable Act. Case notes may appear unreported or, when available, carry citations to All-Canada Weekly Summaries with the citation for the full report substituted at a later date. Appeals to case annotations are added as they occur. The service includes four releases per year containing the text of all current amending legislation as it is passed. In addition, you receive the Weekly Bulletin Service that is published when the legislature is in session. The Weekly Bulletin Service consists of a review of the progress of Bills in the previous week, an updated cumulative status report and summaries of the Bills before the legislature in the current session, and a cumulative list of proclamations of Bills passed in previous sessions. The Ontario Statute Citator is included in the Ontario Citator Service on CD-ROM or Internet