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Property Rights and Obligations Under Ontario Family Law
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This portable resource provides a comprehensive analysis of a wide variety of core topics and issues pertaining to property rights and obligations in Ontario family law:
  • Chapters I through IV focus primarily on the rights and obligations of married spouses under Part I of the Family Law Act
  • Chapter V deals exclusively with the substantive rights and obligations of cohabitants
  • Chapters VI and VII discuss income tax issues and bankruptcy matters, respectively
  • Chapter VII addresses property protection techniques that may avert many of the obstacles discussed in the previous chapters
"While there have been innumerable presentations and papers on Part I of the Family Law Act, no one has yet put together a comprehensive text on this tricky piece of legislation, at least until now. Robert Halpern and his colleagues have done a superb job of deconstructing the various statutory provisions into their essential meaning, purpose and scope. In doing so, the authors provide a clear analysis of almost every property issue a practitioner might encounter or raise." -- Stephen Grant
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Robert M. Halpern
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