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536 pages
1 volume bound
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Prosecuting and Defending Drug Offences
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Prosecuting and Defending Drug Offences is a portable, practical guide that addresses all of the issues that arise in drug cases. Inside you'll find:
  • Discussion of substantive law as well as practical tips and procedural issues
  • Unique considerations that may arise during a preliminary hearing for drug offences
  • Evidentiary issues
  • Detailed discussion and supporting case law on the most frequently engaged sections of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms during drug prosecutions
  • Sample lines of questioning
  • Sample forms and precedents
  • Discussion of the proceeds of crime provision of the Criminal Code
  • A comprehensive review of sentencing principles
  • Key quotes from leading cases
Plus! Unique to Prosecuting and Defending Drug Offences – a detailed overview of commonly used substances, explaining common weights and methods of drug use and distribution, prices and street terminology.
About the Author
Peter M. Brauti is a partner at Brauti Thorning Zibarras LLP and practises mainly in the area of criminal defence. As a former Federal Crown Attorney, Mr. Brauti conducted many trials and appeals on behalf of the Attorney General of Canada as the former co-chair of the Federal Department of Justice Trial Advocacy Program. Mr. Brauti is a co-author of Prosecuting and Defending Drug Offences, Wiretapping and Other Electronic Surveillance: Law and Procedure and is a regular contributor to the Criminal Law Quarterly (Canada Law Book).