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Taxnet Pro

Canada’s most comprehensive online tax research service delivers more in every search combining superior content with powerful research tools that deliver relevant results quickly and effortlessly. Through the intuitive user interface of Taxnet Pro, quickly access the most current authoritative content that will give you clarity and insight into any tax issue.

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Practitioner's Income Tax Act 2018, 53rd Edition

Practitioner's Income Tax Act 2017, 52nd Edition Practitioner's Income Tax Act is the market leading consolidated, annotated version of Canada's federal Income Tax Act and Regulations. More than any other published Income Tax Act, it's a comprehensive resource, with expert insights, detailed annotations and up-to-date amendments - all in a portable, search-easy, single-volume format.

Access content from our iPad, Android and desktop apps or directly from your web browser with the Thomson Reuters ProView™ eBook. Freedom to work however, whenever and wherever you want.

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Fundamentals of Canadian Income Tax, Volume 2: Corporate Tax Fundamentals of Canadian Income Tax, Volume 2: Corporate Tax
Volume 2 of Fundamentals of Canadian Income Tax picks up from where Volume 1 left off, and examines the fundamental principles of corporate income tax law. This volume introduces students to the income tax implications of corporate, commercial, and family transactions. As with its companion piece, Volume 1, we use a building block approach, starting with basic and fundamental legal principles of alternative business structures and their income tax effects.

Thomson Reuters Proview

Thomson Reuters ProView

Custom built for tax and legal professionals, the Thomson Reuters ProView eReader platform has been designed to meet the demands of agile and dynamic people. You can access content from our iPad, Android or desktop apps or directly from  your web browser.

Freedom to work however, whenever, and wherever you want.

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