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Getting Started with ProView

Follow these 5 steps, to start using Thomson Reuters ProView® title(s)



Order your choice of ProView eBook or eLooseleaf (formerly eReference Library) title(s):

  • online at store.thomsonreuters.ca,
  • by calling (416) 609-3800 / 1-800-387-5164,
  • or by contacting your Information Solutions Associate or Account Representative.



Watch for an email confirming your purchase of the ProView title(s), also containing the following:

  • Information on your OnePass account, which keeps track of all your ProView library holdings.

You will receive instructions on either how to update your existing OnePass account, or how to set up a new account if you don’t already have one.

  • A Thomson Reuters ProView® registration key, that identifies the specific ProView title you purchased and registers it with your OnePass account.



Register your title(s), using the ProView registration key, through the OnePass account that has been updated or set up.



Click here, and follow download instructions for your choice of app (for desktop/laptop, and tablet access).  You do not need to download an app to access your titles on your web browser. 



For app users:
Launch your Thomson Reuters ProView® app and log in with your OnePass username and password.

For web users:
Click here, and log in with your OnePass username and password.

Training Videos

ProView Practice Suite Series (Videos)

Not available to bookstores, academic institutions, or to third-party distributors.