A Commercial Tenancy Handbook (Print + ProView online)

Richard Olson

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Mr. Olson has done an invaluable service for the legal profession and its business clients alike. His text addresses the widest variety of problems associated with commercial tenancy and related land uses with extensive reference to statute and case law across Canada, its scope ranging from medieval history to modern multi-tenant leasing practices. This is an eminently practical work that will alert landlords and tenants to a multitude of potential problems and greatly assist their legal advisors in finding solutions for them. The Honourable Martin Taylor, Q.C. (ret. BC CA judge) Davis & Co., Vancouver, BC A practical guide to commercial tenancies, for use by lawyers, landlords, tenants and property managers, to anticipate and deal with issues and problems that arise before, during and after a commercial tenancy. The book describes issues that arise with respect to the creation of the relationship, the negotiation and drafting of the lease, as well all other aspects that arise during the tenancy. Strategic and tactical considerations are reviewed with the legal alternatives and procedural issues.

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