A Practical Guide to Private Pension Plans in Canada

Torys LLP; Mitch Frazer

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Pension plans continue to be an integral part of the employment relationship for many workers in Canada. This book is intended to provide a better understanding of the complex area of private pension plan management and administration. It provides a brief history of Canadian pension plans, background on how to register, administer, fund and wind-up a registered pension plan and an explanation of how pension plans are regulated and what happens if an employer becomes insolvent. The book also discusses some of the major pension reform issues in Canada over the past few years. TABLE OF CONTENTS:

  1. In the Beginning (A Brief History of Canadian Pension Plans)
  2. Getting Started (Establishing a Pension Plan)
  3. The Basics (Legislated Minimum Standards)
  4. Day-to-Day (The Pension Administrator)
  5. Funding (Pension Plan Funding)
  6. Managing the Money (Pension Plan Investment)
  7. The Wind-up (Terminating a Pension Plan)
  8. The Sheriff (Pension Plan Regulation)
  9. Show Me the Money (Pension Surplus)
  10. Buying and Selling (Mergers & Acquisitions)
  11. What Happens if My Employer Goes Bankrupt? (Insolvency)
  12. The Guarantee (Pension Benefit Guarantee Funds)
  13. Change Not Just for the Sake of Change (Pension Plan Reform)
  14. A New Vehicle for Reform (Pooled Registered Pension Plans)


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Human Resources,Pensions, Benefits


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