An Employer's Guide To Dismissal, Second Edition

Geoffrey Litherland; Kirsten Hume

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This practical resource addresses each step of the dismissal process with a checklist of issues for employers to consider at each stage. Written in non-legal language and updated with current legislation and case law, this guide is easy to understand, and tells you what to do and what not to do when dismissing non-union employees. An Employer's Guide to Dismissal, Second Edition is logically organized and discusses:

  • Employee/employer relationships with tips on determining the terms of the contract of employment
  • Specific issues that arise during the termination decision including just cause for dismissal, providing notice of termination or pay in lieu of notice as well as the impact of an employee's disability
  • Administrative tasks including structuring the severance package, calculating the amounts owing to the employee, writing a termination letter and conducting the termination meeting
  • Risk management tips and avoiding litigation
This guide also provides you with helpful appendices containing: tables for easy referencing to applicable statutory requirements on termination, as well as precedents that provide employers with a clear basis for drafting termination letters when dismissing employees with or without just cause. This second edition has been revised and updated with new and expanded chapters on: Crown and Public Employees, Unjust Dismissal, Obligations to Provide Reasonable Notice, Post termination Issues, and more!


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Human Resources


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