Annual Review of Insolvency Law 2019 (Print & ProView)

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The Annual Review of Insolvency Law 2019 offers a collection of articles from today's experts, both academic and practising. This work features current trends, showcases important debates, examines practical implications of recent proceedings and challenges, and speculates the future consequences of current rules.

New in this edition

This edition features 24 articles providing a comprehensive analysis of current developments in insolvency law in Canada.

The title includes

  • Maurice P. Chiasson, Deemed Trusts and the GST: Lessons for Secured Creditors
  • James Roderick Moses, Student Loans: How the Bankruptcy Provisions Could Benefit from Additional Parliamentary Review
  • Michelle Grant, Is it Really a Material Adverse Change?
  • Tevia R.M. Jeffries and Cindy Chen, Oh Wont You (Extend the) Stay Just a Little Bit Longer?
  • Tom Cumming, Caireen E. Hanert and Jeff Oliver, The Intersection of Regulatory and Insolvency Law: Redwaters Final Chapter and the Aftermath
  • Aditya Badami and Meghan Parker, Canadas Tired Anti-Deprivation Rule: Capital Steel Inc v. Chandos Construction Ltd
  • Janis Sarra, Bad Moon Rising: New Dawn Ahead? Climate Change and Solvency Risk
  • Mark A. Russell, A Model of Disharmony: What is the Relevant Date to Determine COMI Under the Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency?
  • Virginia Torrie and Vern W DaRe, The Participation of Social Stakeholders in CCAA Proceedings
  • Jassmine Girgis, An Oppression Remedy v. Fraudulent Conveyance Legislation: Which Legislative Scheme Better Protects Creditors from Opportunistic Debtors?
  • Robert A. Klotz, Who Gets the Matrimonial Property Claim and then What?
  • Anna Jane Lund, A Partial Fix: The 2019 Amendments to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and Registered Disability Savings Plans
  • Michael Myers and Michael Krygier-Baum, A Tale of Two Statutes: Balancing the Interests of Spouses and Other Creditors at the Crossroads of the Family Law Act and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act: A Zero Sum Game?
  • Luc Morin and Arad Mojtahedi, In Search of a Purpose: The Rise of Super Monitors & Creditor-Driven CCAAs
  • Jules A. Monteyne, The New Duty of Good Faith and How It Applies in Insolvency Proceedings
  • James W Reid and Ryan J Adlington, Let's Work Together: Application of the Joint Insolvency Network Guidelines Around the World and in Canada
  • Noah Zucker, Gabriel Faure and Jocelyn T. Perreault, Creditor Activism in CCAA Proceedings: Beyond the Vote
  • Tracey Henry, Danielle Stampley, and Alex St. John, CCAA Duty of Good Faith: Notice Obligations to Union Stakeholders
  • Gregory Azeff and Gavin MacDonald, Representative Counsel & Creditors Committees: Lessons from the Quadriga Case
  • Katie Mak and Claire Wheldon, To Canwest and Beyond: A Look at Priority Charges Securing Professional Fees
  • Scott Boucher, Craig Munro, and Nathan Jones, Sitting in Judgment: Practical Advice for Trustee and Lawyers in the Claims Adjudication Process
  • Sam Babe, Provincial Deemed Trusts 30 Years After British Columbia v. Henfrey Samson Belair Ltd
  • David Ullmann and Jessica Wuthmann, Giving 110%: Examining the Fairness of Paying Interest Penalties to Real Property Lenders in an Insolvency


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