Balancing Charter Interests: Victims' Rights and Third Party Remedies (Print + ProView online)

Joan Barrett

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""Joan Barrett's Balancing Charter Interests is an important development that affirms the importance that victims' rights have had in regard to criminal justice in the last two decades. Its title undersells its ambition, which goes well beyond the Charter to provide a review of 'the statutory provisions and case law at various stages of the criminal process as it relates to victims of crime and other third parties. Joan Barrett is to be congratulated for producing an excellent resource that provides us with a better understanding of the law as it affects victims throughout the criminal process."" Kent Roach Professor of Law and Criminology This groundbreaking work examines the rights of victims of crime and of third parties within the criminal justice system, including families of victims, the media and interest groups. The text reviews the case law and statutory provisions relevant to victims' rights and third party remedies at various stages of the criminal process. The structure of the book follows a criminal matter as it moves through the justice system, beginning with pre-trial issues (including private prosecutions, bail hearings, peace bonds and publication bans), turning next to issues arising at trial (including evidentiary issues and testimonial aids), then addressing sentencing issues (including victim impact statements, compensation and restitution, and ancillary sentencing orders). Other types of hearings are also discussed, including parole board hearings, parole ineligibility review hearings, review board proceedings, compensation board hearings and coroner's inquests. An appendix of federal and provincial victims' rights legislation is also included. The book is written in a clear and concise style, ensuring it will be a useful reference tool both inside and outside of the courtroom. Regular updates ensure that Balancing Charter Interests provides the latest authority on victims' rights in the criminal justice system.

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Constitutional Law, Civil Rights,Criminal Law and Procedure


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