B.C. Employment Standards Act: Quick Reference - 2020 Edition

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The B.C. Employment Standards Act (ESA) provides the minimum standards for working in British Columbia. Designed to give human resources practitioners and their advisors a concise summary of employers' obligations under the law, B.C. Employment Standards Act: Quick Reference 2021 Edition sets out the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers in British Columbia workplaces. It covers issues such as minimum wage, overtime, hours of work, vacations, statutory holidays, various leaves of absence, payroll records, temporary layoffs, and termination of employment. The guide also includes a discussion of the definition of an employee (and the differences between employees and independent contractors), the relationship between the common law and the ESA, the applicability of the ESA to unionized employees, various classes of individuals exempted from certain parts of the legislation, and complaint, investigation, enforcement, and determination procedures.

The book details recent changes to the Act by topical heading and explains the new and revised compliance requirements. It gives you quick access to all the standards and provisions you need to know. In addition to an overview of the B.C. Employment Standards Act and a discussion of the historical background of the legislation, this guide also includes the full text of the Act and its regulations.

New in this edition:

  • Information about amendments to the British Columbia Employment Standards Act over the last 12 months
  • Major amendments under Bill 8, the Employment Standards Amendment Act, which was passed on May 30, 2019. This Bill implemented several of the recommendations of the British Columbia Law Institute Consultation Paper, prepared by the Employment Standards Act Reform Project Committee
  • This work contains Bill 8 amendments relating to
    • Collective agreement terms
    • Licensing of farm labourer contractors and temporary help agencies
    • Wage recoveries and deductions
    • Informing employees of their rights
    • Child employment protections
    • Tips and gratuities
    • Statutory leaves
    • Termination of employees who have resigned and the definition of immediate family

Also included in the guide are case law developments in 2018 and 2019.


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