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As the pressure to show HRs impact on the organization grows, so does the need to benchmark HR initiatives and results against those of other organizations. Best Practices: Human Resources Benchmarking - gives you a complete head start on developing your own benchmarking process. Youll benefit from:

  • Real-life examples you can learn from right away
  • Examples of benchmarking and measurement initiatives and programs in real Canadian HR functions facing real Canadian HR issues
  • A unique, comprehensive listing of public and private benchmarking resources
  • Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 What is Benchmarking? 3 Stage 1: Identify Benchmarking Objects 4 Stage 2: Prepare to Benchmark 5 Stage 3: Identify & Select External Resources 6 Stage 4: Approach Target Organizations and Gain Acceptance 7 Stage 5: Create the Benchmark Organization Team 8 Stage 6a: Design Indicators 9 Stage 6b: Design Quantitative Data Collection Methodology 10 Stage 7: Conduct Quantitative Data Collection Exercises 11 Stage 8: Compile & Report Quantitative Results 12 Stage 9: Analyze Quantitative Results and Plan Actions 13 Stage 10: Gather Qualitative Information 14 Stage 11: Implement the Change 15 Stage 12: Evaluate and Continuously Improve 16 Ideas for Creating a Benchmarking Culture in HR Appendix 1 Benchmarking Code of Conduct Appendix 2 Indicator Bank: HR Indicators Appendix 3 Human Asset Indicators Appendix 4 Sample Indicators Appendix 5 Benchmarking Resources.

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