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David Sherman

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The widely acclaimed, acknowledged leading reference work on Canada's Goods and Services Tax, with:

  • Full text of the GST portions of the Excise Tax Act, Schedules and Regulations, incorporating all amendments, fully annotated with related provisions, definitions, regulations and forms
  • Detailed analysis of each provision of the Act
  • Full text of Canada Revenue Agency Memoranda and Policies
  • Full text of pending amendments including proposed or draft legislation, with detailed commentary
  • Full text of related legislation such as the Excise Act and the Customs Act
  • David Sherman's bi-weekly newsletter, GST & HST Times, giving you the latest on ""What's New in GST?""
  • Example fact situations illustrate how the GST works in practice
  • Canada Revenue Agency Policy Database, containing Policy Papers and Draft Policy Papers developed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for use by Agency auditors and assessors
  • Selected excerpts from the CRA's GST ""Q & A"" online database.
No other service even comes close to offering the range of features available to subscribers of Canada GST Service, including the following:
  • Comprehensiveness - All the relevant statutes, schedules, regulations, Department of Finance and CRA policies, Excise/GST News, information on provincial sales taxation, Forms and Guides.
  • In-depth analysis - Not simply a restatement of the section, but an essential tool for understanding alternative approaches that can make a real difference.
  • Ease of use - All the information - legislation, commentary, case law, policies - is carefully organized under each provision, allowing for complete, one-step research with no wasted time or effort.
  • Accessibility - The comprehensive index, expertly prepared and updated by the author, gives immediate direction to the answers for even the most obscure technical points.
  • Currency - 24 releases per year keep the entire service as current as possible in this constantly changing field.
  • Reliability - The credentials of the author, known as Canada's leading expert on GST, are a key ingredient of the Service's stature among the tax community across Canada. Trust is everything - and our reputation is on the line with every release.

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