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Canada Statute Citator, the weekly bulletins will keep you up-to-date on a weekly basis with the status of bills introduced during the current legislative sessions in the House of Commons and the Senate of Bills.

This weekly service is categorized into four sections:

  • New This Week It records the last stage of a bill reached during the weeks proceedings. All the bills listed in this category have typically received first, second, or third reading, reported from committee, received Royal Assent, or been brought into force.
  • Status and Summary of Bills It alphabetically lists and reports the status of all bills that are either currently before Parliament or have received Royal Assent. A summary for each bill is provided, where available. The bills that are followed by the letter C originate in the House of Commons and the ones that are followed by the letter S originate in the Senate.
  • Consequential Amendments It lists Acts that are affected by amendments within the copy of the source bill that has received Royal Assent. The Acts that are amended in consequence will be listed in alphabetical order in this section after we receive the Royal Assent copy of the source bill. The reader is then referred, in an abbreviated format, to the source bill which contains the amendment.
  • Proclamation and Orders in Council It lists all Acts passed in a previous session that are brought into force by proclamation or by order in council, in whole or in part, or that are amended by order in council, during the current session.

Canada Statute Citator consists of a weekly bulletin service plus four releases annually.


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