Canada's Intellectual Property Law in a Nutshell, Second Edition

Martin Kratz

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This reference provides a very approachable and thorough introduction to all substantive fields in intellectual property law as well as complementary fields such as privacy, domain names, contracts in restraint of trade and certain economic torts. Special issues and linkages among the various forms of intellectual property are discussed. This reference offers a succinct overview to intellectual property law in Canada, as well as a synopsis and step-by-step guide to all the key issues and concerns. Written in a logical style, the author simplifies and explains all aspects of intellectual property law, making full use of illustrative examples and case studies. The reader is introduced to the historical development of key intellectual property systems, the arguments for and against the expansion of intellectual property rights, topic issues such as the scope of users' rights, as well as detail on the proposed C-61 copyright reform. The work also examines the scope of protected rights, limits on protection, formal requirements for protection, term of protection and who controls ownership of the rights. Students and practitioners will appreciate the heavily footnoted text providing more detailed commentary and avenues for further research.


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Intellectual Property Law


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