Canadian Anti-Money Laundering Law: Gaming Sector

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I purchased the book last month and it has been a tremendous read and resource for some of the files that I am working on. A must have for anyone involved in AML & ATF work in the gaming industry.

Don Perron, BSc. CFE CFI CSAR,

Managing Director, Froese Forensic Partners Ltd.

Wedged between gaming law and anti-money laundering provisions, the gaming industry is complex and challenging. Thats likely why no one has taken on the task of providing specific, thorough and practical advice to practitioners and managers working in this sector until now. Canadian Anti-Money Laundering Law: Gaming Sector teams a pair of seasoned authorities in AML and gaming law to illuminate the context and break down the requirements into practical, comprehensible steps.

Canadian Anti-Money Laundering Law: Gaming Sector is your only resource for:

  • Focused discussion and guidance on gaming law and AML in Canada
  • Sound advice on how to discharge due diligence and meet anti-money laundering and terrorist financing requirements

For the first time, you can turn to one book for clearly written guidance, the relevant statutory provisions, and practical compliance tools including a model compliance plan for casinos and an annotated table of key anti-money laundering requirements.

Receive real-world guidance incorporating amendments to the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act

Pressure is mounting from the government and regulatory authorities, and gaming and casino enterprises must struggle to comply with the recent amendments. They need sound, practical advice. Now you can turn to this authoritative work for a thorough understanding of the unique gaming operating environment in Canada and how anti-money laundering requirements intersect with that legal framework.

The recent amendments to the Act have brought welcome progress, but they also introduce new uncertainties and raise new questions. The authors examine the amendments and reveal the steps gaming operations must take to comply.

Protect your clients

  • Identify the vulnerabilities and risk profiles for money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Understand how gaming industry practices can check AML and terrorist financing.
  • Learn how to structure an effective anti-money laundering program.

Take advantage of exclusive practical tools

AML/CFT model compliance manual for the gaming sector

  • Speed the development of an effective money laundering program with this invaluable precedent.
  • Explains the requirements
  • Outlines the required training
  • Prescribes and details audit methodologies
  • Outlines and details reporting requirements
  • Clarifies customer identification requirements
  • Details required record keeping and retention
  • Provides a quick reference to suspicious transaction indicators
  • And more

Annotated table of select requirements for casinos

A single glance shows operators what they must do in specific situations. Based on transaction type, theyll quickly determine:

  • Reporting requirements
  • Customer ID requirements
  • Recording requirements

The table indicates whats required and when cross-referenced to the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act.


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