Canadian Charter of Rights: The Prosecution and Defence of Criminal and Other Statutory Offences (print + ProView)

Murray Segal; R. McLeod; Judge J. Takach; H. Morton

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This text consists of five volumes and will provide subscribers with easier access to Charter-related criminal law and prosecutions of statutory offences. Organized and presented thematically, rather than numerically by section number, this text pulls together the reported and unreported cases involving the substantive provisions of the Charter and issues of general application; the legal rights, from detention through double jeopardy; the fundamental freedoms and other rights; and remedies for breaches and for conflicts with ordinary legislation. Additional features include the full text of the Canada Act, 1982, tables for comparison of the Charter with the bills of rights of Canada and the US, with international conventions, and with earlier drafts of the Charter prior to its enactment. The full text of these objects of comparison have also been appended for convenient consultation. This service also spells out notice and service requirements required to raise a constitutional questions. Finally, this service includes a Words and Phrases resource, consisting of a consolidation of judicial interpretations of terminology commonly used in constitutional and criminal cases.

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Constitutional Law, Civil Rights


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