Canadian Criminal Law A Treatise, Seventh Edition CD-ROM

Don Stuart; Don Stuart

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With the seventh edition of Canadian Criminal Law, Professor Stuart's Treatise remains the preeminent authority on the principles of the substantive criminal law of Canada, giving you expert interpretation on not only the past developments, but also the future directions, in criminal law. New in this Edition The Seventh Edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the significant caselaw and legislative developments since the publication of the last edition in 2011. This edition analyses the following major new Supreme Court of Canada decisions:

  • Bedford: Section 7 of Charter standards of overbreadth, arbitrariness and gross disproportionality; striking down prostitution laws as too harmful to sex workers
  • Khawaja: Terrorism offence read down to avoid overbreadth challenge
  • Levkovic: Mens rea for concealing dead child
  • Maybin: Intervening causes
  • A.D.H. : Presumption of subjective mens rea for crimes
  • Mabior: Consent to sexual intercourse with an HIV positive accused
  • Cairney and Pappas : Air of reality test for partial defence of provocation to murder
  • Ryan: Abused wife hiring hitman to kill her husband not able to rely on duress defence
  • Gauthier: Abandonment as defence to s.21 party liability
Legislative changes considered in this edition include Parliament's trend to adding mandatory minimum sentences and Charter decisions striking some down, as well as new, simplified Criminal Code defences of self-defence and of defence of property enacted in 2013. Under the defence of insanity in Chapter 5, consideration is given to the new classification of the American Psychiatric Association (2013), Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).


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Criminal Law and Procedure


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