Canadian Employment Law, 2019-2020 Edition (Student Edition)

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More than 6,145 cases cited!

Canadian Employment Law, 2019-2020 Edition (Student Edition) is a one-stop reference that provides a thorough survey of the law and analysis of developing trends, suggesting potential avenues of attack as well as identifying potential weaknesses in the law. Canadian Employment Law has been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada, in superior courts in every province in Canada, and is used in law schools throughout Canada.

With methodically organized chapters covering the complete range of employment law, this text provides the kind of detailed examination of the facts you can count on.

The subject matter is wide-ranging and addresses issues such as:

  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Fiduciary obligations
  • Tort law and vicarious liability issues
  • Remedies
  • Constitutional issues
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Employment contracts
  • Duty of good faith and fidelity and human rights

This work includes a table of reasonable notice a chart, which groups together comparable types of positions so you can easily compare the length of notice awards. Plus, all topics are illustrated with extensive case law and useful footnotes.

Also available in EmploymentSource, an online research service.

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