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The McGill Guide is a bilingual and bijuridical guide to citation of legal materials

Now in its ninth edition, the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation provides a straightforward, uniform approach to citation of government documents, case law, legislation, periodicals, monographs, online sources, and other secondary materials across all jurisdictions. This Guide has been officially adopted by various courts and major law reviews across the country, establishing itself as an important tool for legal research and writing.

New in this edition

  • Enhanced focus on citing online resources, including archiving Internet sources, parallel citations to online resources, and digital object identifiers
  • Specially dedicated sections on citing materials from each of CanLII, LexisNexis Quicklaw, WestlawNext Canada, SOQUIJ, and La Référence, as well as Jurisprudence Express
  • Elaboration on the citation of various parliamentary papers, including debates, order papers, sessional papers, and reports
  • Citation methods for the various media on which one may access JurisClasseur Québec
  • Focus on how to cite different types of online materials such as PDFs, podcasts, blog posts and comments, online videos and video aggregators, and posts on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit
  • Illustrations of how to cite an expanded coverage of international materials, including regulations, directives and decisions of the European Union, as well as Talmudic Law

And the new 9th Edition gives you even more online access*. Hosted on WestlawNext Canada, the online version of Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 9th Edition makes it accessible anytime, anywhere. Online access makes it easy to:

  • Quickly find the citation you are looking for
  • Easily link between citation rules and the related appendices
  • Highlight important text and include your own annotations to keep track of citation styles

Call your print sales representative for multi-user pricing.

*Online access offer not available to trade bookstores, third party distributors, and students. Online access available to academic institutions only through multi-user license.

Cest ouvrage des plus pratiques, le Manuel canadien de la référence juridique est un guide bilingue sur la référence aux documents juridiques, tant en common law quen droit civil. Il propose une méthode directe et uniforme quant à la manière de citer les documents gouvernementaux, la jurisprudence, la législation, les périodiques, les monographies et autres documents de source secondaire en provenance de tous les pays, territoires et provinces. Conçu pour reposer à plat sur votre table de travail, le Manuel canadien de la référence juridique a été officiellement adopté par les principales revues de droit au Canada, se révélant en tant quoutil indispensable pour la recherche et la rédaction juridique.

Nouveautés du Manuel canadien de la référence juridique, 9e édition :

  • Accent accru sur les ressources de référence en ligne, notamment larchivage des sources Internet, les références parallèles des ressources en ligne et les identificateurs dobjets numériques
  • Sections spécialement consacrées aux références de documents de CanLII, de Quicklaw de LexisNexis, de WestlawNext Canada, de SOQUIJ et de La Référence, ainsi que de Jurisprudence Express
  • Élaboration des référen


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