Canadian Health and Safety Law A Comprehensive Guide to the Statutes, Policies and Case Law


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This service, available online in EmploymentSource and in print, provides detailed coverage of occupational health and safety law in every jurisdiction in Canada provincial, federal and territorial. It reviews health and safety law thematically and includes commentary, case law and practical analysis. It clearly sets out the statutes and regulations required for a solid understanding of your client's obligations, and each court and tribunal decision helps you determine how to reduce or avoid liability. Must-know information includes:

  • The internal responsibility system
  • The requirements for workplace joint health and safety committees and health and safety representatives
  • The legal defence of due diligence
  • Statutes, regulations, policy and case law that make up Canadian health and safety law
  • The right to refuse unsafe work
  • The authority of government inspectors in the workplace
  • Judicial interpretation of the statutes and regulations
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
  • Restrictions regarding smoking in the workplace
  • Transportation of dangerous goods in Canada
  • Alcohol and drugs in the workplace and much more.
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