Canadian Labour Arbitration, Fifth Edition

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Widely recognized as the "bible" of Labour Arbitration in Canada, known as "Brown and Beatty", is synonymous with reliability. It offers a concise and comprehensive record and analysis of the whole body of arbitration developments in Canada over the past 40-plus years. It is available online in LabourSource and also in print.

Volume 1 includes all of the analysis and endnotes for leading decisions as well as current decisions, so it can be easily carried to hearings.

Volume 2 includes all of the historical endnotes, for more in-depth research. Canadian Labour Arbitration takes you step-by-step through the intricate workings of the labour arbitration system in Canada.

The features of this invaluable resource include:

  • Highlights leading cases in bold
  • Deals comprehensively with the application of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as it applies to labour, both jurisdictionally and substantively
  • Covers judicial review of labour arbitration decisions (and reversed decisions)
  • Features updated case law, with new decisions appearing in bold type in the table of cases
  • Provides detailed analysis of, and commentary on more case law than any other similar text
  • Offers detailed cross-references to labour arbitration cases

Whats new in this edition:

This new edition contains a number of significant updates, edits, and re-writes of various sections of the text where the jurisprudence has evolved since the publication of the fourth edition. As is the case with each new edition of Brown and Beatty, the endnotes have been updated, and in some cases, re-organized.

Some key features are:

  • Throughout the text the authors have enhanced the notes following the cases to help easy identification of some relevant issues
  • Paragraph pinpoints have been added where possible to help the reader locate the relevant portion of the award
  • New endnotes have been added to highlight particular issues or decisions
  • Some of the older cases have been moved to the historical reference section to help shorten few of the longer endnotes

Additionally, a number of sections have been partially or extensively revised. In a few instances, particularly in Chapters 7 and 8, entire sections have been re-written. These changes reflect and highlight issues that feature more prominently in arbitration decisions currently than in the past.

Issues regarding discrimination and the duty to accommodate, certainly receive an increased focus in this latest edition. Similarly, the authors review of arbitrators approaches to the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace has been substantially re-written in light of some of the changes in arbitral jurisprudence addressing that issue.

The authors have more than 55 years combined experience in the field of labour arbitration law. Donald J.M. Brown, Q.C. and David M. Beatty provide the authority, knowledge, and experience you need to deal with even the toughest issues in this area. Joined by Adam J. Beatty with over 10 years experience in the field of labour law, first as a labour lawyer and subsequently as an adjudicator, who carefully reviews the cases and produces the updates to the text.


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