Canadian Labour Reporter Special Report: Accident/Incident Investigation in the Workplace, Second Edition + CD


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Every year in Canada nearly one-third of a million workers is injured on the job. For workers and their families, these work-related accidents involve unnecessary pain and suffering. For employers, they involve millions of dollars of unnecessary losses resulting from lost time, machine down time, and compromised product quality, as well as decreased employee morale and prosecutions under the law.

Canadian Labour Reporter Special Report: Accident/Incident Investigation in the Workplace presents a prevention-oriented and practical approach to accident and incident investigation and is designed to give employers a concise guide to the legalities and best practices around accident investigation in the workplace. Incidents include those that have the potential to cause injury, as well as those that result in actual injury.

Practical tools are presented throughout to help train staff and ensure that a sound accident investigation process is in place and is executed properly. This book will help you develop first-rate accident investigation skills and help your employees understand how their cooperation can prevent future accidents from occurring.

New updates for the second edition include:

  • Extensively updated and supplemented content particularly with respect to the new paradigm surrounding incident investigation (as opposed to pure accident investigation)
    • This reflects the nature and purpose of the forthcoming CSA standard on incident investigation and prevention
    • The author is a member of the CSA technical committee for this standard
  • Updates to reflect the role of accident/incident investigation in occupational health and safety management systems
  • An increased focus on prevention of accidents and incidents in the workplace
  • New training resources designed to be used and implemented by practitioners in their own organizations
  • Content that has been reorganized to make for easier reading, referencing, and understanding
  • Diagrams that have been updated and new ones added to facilitate understanding and usefulness for training purposes

The publication covers the following topics:

  • About the law and incident investigations
  • A framework for effective Investigations in the workplace
  • Incident investigation program elements
  • A process for effective incident investigation
  • Training resources

It also contains a dedicated appendix for easy reference.


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