Canadian Patent Act Annotated, Second Edition (Print + ProView online)

Robert H. Barrigar; Andrew Shaughnessy

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Canadian Patent Act Annotated, Second Edition is your one-stop source, bringing together commentary and current case law interpreting patent legislation. This includes all of the relevant statutes, regulations and rules you need to provide your client with the best patent advice available. Benefit from:

  • All relevant legislation, cases and commentary
  • In-force proclamation dates that alert you to amended sections that apply to your case
  • Text and annotations on repealed provisions of the Act which continue to govern patents in force today
  • Provisions not yet proclaimed in force that help you anticipate statutory change
  • English and French text for each provision of the Patent Act allowing for the most reliable interpretation . . . and more!
Written by a seasoned intellectual property practitioner, you can depend on reliable guidance through all aspects of Canadian patent law. Canadian Patent Act Annotated, Second Edition provides easy access to a complete and up-to-date analysis of Canadian patent law and practice.

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Intellectual Property Law


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