Carswell's Forms and Precedent Collection Criminal Law Precedents, 2nd Edition

The Honourable Joseph,Di Luca;The Honourable Mr. Justice David,Watt

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Carswell's Forms and Precedent Collection: Criminal Law Precedents, 2nd Edition prepares you for every stage of the criminal proceeding with hundreds of forms and expertly drafted precedents.

Be prepared for every stage of the criminal proceeding with hundreds of forms and expertly drafted precedents, with expert guidance on completing every form, enabling you to save time and avoid costly mistakes. This publication contains 19 extensive chapters of authored precedents required for every stage of a criminal proceeding, set out in procedural order, for Pre-trial (search warrants, electronic surveillance, procuring witnesses and mode and place of trial), Trial (disclosure, stays, evidence, mental disorder, dangerous and long term offenders, sentencing), and Appellate Proceedings (appeals to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, extraordinary remedies, parole ineligibility, ministerial review). Each form is accompanied by a practice note and related provisions and principles, adding cross-references where applicable to The Annotated Tremeear's Criminal Code, Watt's Manual of Criminal Evidence and Watt's Manual of Criminal Jury Instructions, making it the perfect companion publication.

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Criminal Law and Procedure


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