Carswell's Pension Manual (Formerly Mercer Pension Manual)

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Carswell Pension Manual is a seven-volume text that provides an in-depth analysis of the pension plans and schemes in Canada. Developed by experts in the field, the text deals with solid administrative and planning concepts. The sheer quantity of widely-varying rules from province-to-province, ever-changing income tax law, new court decisions and policy statements, and the dynamic economic climate can easily overwhelm. Therefore, the manual aims to provide answers to all questions the pertaining to managing compliance and planning-related functions in the area of public and private pension plans.

Topics in the book are dealt with in a logical, detailed, and user-friendly manner and cover issues such as prescriptive provisions to the problems of meeting pension plan, registration and reporting requirements, plan costs, surplus withdrawals, employee terminations, corporate restructuring, and pension wind-ups. To speed daily decision-making and problem-solving, the commentary section of the text is organized by business subjects and comprehensive references that direct you to the full texts of Acts and Regulations.

The title includes:

Volume 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Registration and Reporting Procedures
  3. Minimum Pension Standards
  4. Income Tax Act Registration Requirements for Pension Plans
  5. Funding and Solvency
  6. Tax Treatment of Registered Pension Plans
  7. Disclosure of Pension Plan Information
  8. Financial Reporting for Pension Plans
  9. Investment Regulations for Pension Plans
  10. Pension Plan Termination
  11. Pension Plan Surplus
  12. Corporate Reorganizations and the Pension Plan
  13. Capital Accumulation Plans
  14. Pension Plan Governance
  15. Supplemental Retirement Arrangements
  16. Government Programs

Volume 2

  1. List of Forms
  2. Interpretation Bulletins, Policies and Releases
  3. Status of Legislation
  4. Legislation - Federal
  5. Canada Pension Plan

Volume 3

  1. Insurance Companies Act (excerpts)
  2. Income Tax Legislation
  3. Draft Income Tax Legislation
  4. Old Age Security Act
  5. Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985
  6. PBSA Updates, Policies and Releases
  7. Pooled registered Pensions Plans Acts

Volume 4

  1. Alberta
  2. Alberta Bulletins, Policies and Releases
  3. British Columbia
  4. British Columbia Bulletins, Policies and Releases

Volume 5

  1. Manitoba
  2. Manitoba Bulletins, Policies and Releases
  3. New Brunswick
  4. Newfoundland and Labrador
  5. Newfoundland and Labrador Directives, Policies and Releases
  6. Northwest Territories

Volume 6

  1. Nova Scotia
  2. Nunavut
  3. Ontario
  4. Ontario Bulletins, Policies and Releases

Volume 7

  1. Prince Edward Island
  2. Quebec
  3. Québec Bulletins, Policies and Releases
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Saskatchewan Bulletins, Policies and Releases
  6. Yukon


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