Charities Taxation, Policy and Practice - Four product-set

Arthur Drache; Robert Hayhoe; David Stevens

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Comprehensive charities library A one-stop reference source for all charity practice needs. Charities and not-for-profits are governed by a complex set of tax rules, federal and provincial statutes, the law of trusts, CRA policy pronouncements, and a vast amount of case law. The library includes everything needed by practitioners in the charity area in one source. Practitioners can select specific books from the library, or choose the complete library, discounted over the cost of the individual books, to be confident that everything needed is immediately available. The librarys looseleaf format allows regular updating, and includes the following books: Taxation The Taxation book of the Charities Taxation, Policy and Practice library is a comprehensive reference work on the income taxation of the voluntary sector in Canada. It covers every aspect of the tax regime applicable to charities and brings together all the material that a tax practitioner or charities administrator needs. Its coverage is both broad and comprehensive including the history of the tax treatment of charitable donations and the tax treatment of charitable organizations, the complex tax regulation of charities, the tax regulation of non-profit organizations and quasi-charities, and finally, the tax treatment of donations. Government Publications The Government Publications book of the Charities Taxation, Policy and Practice library is a two-volume comprehensive collection of all policy documents released by the Canada Revenue Agency concerning charities and charitable donations. Everything that those involved in charities or advising charities clients will need to determine the CRAs position in a particular area has been reproduced in this unique one-stop invaluable resource. Caselaw Collection The Caselaw Collection book of the Charities Taxation, Policy and Practice library is a three-volume comprehensive collection of all caselaw concerning charities and charitable donations including some caselaw from foreign jurisdictions regularly cited by the Canadian courts. All Canadian cases dealing with charities, non-profits and charitable donations decided under the Income Tax Act have been included as well as provincial cases selected for their general application across Canada. Federal and Provincial Legislation The Federal and Provincial Legislation book of the Charities Taxation, Policy and Practice library is a comprehensive collection of all federal and provincial statutes and regulations that govern charitable organizations in Canada. Because charities are governed not by a single statute but by a variety of both federal and provincial statutes, it is necessary for those advising charities to have access to all the statutory instruments that apply. The Federal and Provincial Legislation book of the library serves as a one-stop source for researching all statutes governing charitable organizations.

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