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Chitty on Contracts has been used for generations by lawyers as the leading guide to contracts and is relied on to provide insight and aid in the complex areas of contract law.

The work is in two volumes. Volume I is a standalone text that covers the general principles of contract law. Volume II offers guidance on specific contracts, namely contractual issues in specific industry sectors (Volume I is available as a standalone for those who need coverage of the general principles of contract law only).

Key features of the text include:

  • Provides coverage of all relevant legislation and a huge depth of case reference
  • Presents complete coverage of the law of contract, incorporating extensive reference to relevant legislation, and recent case law
  • Contains interpretation and analysis of general legislation since the last edition
  • Provides an in-depth examination of actions arising in contract law, including exclusion clauses, estoppel, illegality and public policy, mistake, misrepresentation and non-disclosure, and breach of performance
  • Covers the formation of contract as it affects the agreement
  • Consideration, form, and mistake
  • Misrepresentation and duress and undue influence
  • Presents in detail the capacity of parties
  • Analyses and comments on the terms of the contract relating to express and implied terms
  • Exemption clauses and arbitration clauses
  • Examines illegality and public policy under joint obligations
  • Covers in detail the law of contract relating to third parties and assignment
  • Death and bankruptcy
  • Examines and analyses contract law in relation to performance and discharge, covering discharge by agreement, by frustration, and by breach
  • Studies remedies for breach of contract, including damages, and limitations
  • Discusses restitution in relation to the contract law
  • Analyses conflict of laws as if affects the contract law
  • Deals individually with contracts in the areas of law like agency, arbitration, bailment, bills of exchange and banking, building contracts, carriage by air, carriage by land, construction, credit and security, employment, gaming and wagering, insurance, restrictive agreements, and covenants, sale of goods, and suretyship
  • Offers interpretation and advice on the law when disputes arise, or when technical areas need clarification, and when responsibilities, obligations, and entitlements need to be established

Key new case law and legislation covered in this text:

  • Impact of Human Rights Act 1998 McDonald v. McDonald (SC)
  • Oral agreements for sale of land Dowding v. Matchmove Ltd. (CA)
  • Fraud Hayward v. Zurich Insurance Co. plc (SC)
  • "No reliance" clauses First Tower Trustees Ltd. v. CDS (Superstores International) Ltd. (CA)
  • Interpretation Wood v. Capita Insurance Services Ltd. (SC)
  • Implied terms Marks and Spencer plc v. BNP Paribas Securities Services Trust Co. (Jersey) Ltd. (SC)
  • "No oral variations" clause, part payment of debt MWB Business Exchange Centres Ltd. v. Rock Advertising Ltd. (SC)
  • Acts of State Mohammed v. Ministry of Defence; Benkharbouche v. Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, and Belhaj v. Straw (SC)
  • Illegality Patel v. Mirza (SC)
  • Damages for third party's loss Swynson Ltd. v. Lowick Rose LLP (SC)
  • Assignment, set-off Bibby Factors Northwest Ltd. v. HFD Ltd. (CA)
  • Damages, SAAMCo Hughes-Holland v. BPE Solicitors
  • Mitigation Fulton Shipping Inc. of Panama v. Globalia Business Travel SAU (SC)
  • Negotiating damage Morris-Garner v. One Step (Support) Ltd. (SC)
  • Liquidated damages Cavendish Square Holding BV v. Makdessi and ParkingEye Ltd. v. Beavis (SC)
  • Restitution
    • Bank of Cyprus UK Ltd. v. Menelaou (SC)
    • Investment Trust Companies v. Revenue and Customs Commissioners (SC)
    • Lowick Rose LLP v. Swynson Ltd.
    • Angoves Pty Ltd. v. Bailey (SC)


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