CLV Special Report - Investigating Harassment in the Workplace - 2nd Edition

Jamie Knight; Malcolm J. MacKillop; Meighan Ferris-Miles

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Conducting an investigation into harassment in the workplace is stressful, time-consuming and if improperly managed, can have a serious impact on your workplace. The purpose of this Special Report is to provide the reader with a sound understanding of the legal principles that inherently come into play in every harassment complaint and investigation in the workplace, and to provide a practical and common sense approach to many of the complicated issues that typically arise during an investigation. Since publication of the first edition, How to Conduct a Workplace Human Rights Investigation, there have been significant health and safety-based legislative and regulatory changes, which have introduced legal concepts such as psychological harassment, bullying, workplace harassment and workplace violence. As such, the second edition has been expanded (and the title changed) to include harassment investigations that start from a health and safety standpoint, as well as harassment investigations that are more traditionally based in human rights. Table of Contents • Introduction • 1 • Harassment in the Workplace • 2 • Focus on Employer Responsibility • 3 • How to draft and implement Anti-Harassment Policies • 4 • What to do upon receipt of a complaint • 5 • How to select the investigator • 6 • How to conduct the interviews • 7 • How to write the investigation report • 8 • Deciding what course of action to take • 9 • Limiting liability • 10 • Taking action.


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Labor and Employment Law


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