CLV Special Report - Managing Your Union-Free Workforce, 2nd Edition

Jamie Knight

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This revised edition is updated and expanded to incorporate the most significant legal issues. The core message of the book remains the same. It is a valid objective for the management team in a non-union workplace to try to remain non-union. Careful and ongoing attention to fundamental principles of effective and engaged human resources management is the best way to satisfy employees, it is unnecessary to select a union to represent their interests. In a positive and respectful manner, Jamie Knight applies his 30 years of advice to employers to provide a practical, approachable and easy-to-follow guide to successful management of your union-free workplace. This is a step-by-step guide to effective employee management for employers looking to boost workforce productivity and morale. Covering all aspects of employee management, from recruitment through performance management to terminations, this book allows you to review your current programs and identify areas for improvement. You're left with a blueprint for making unions unnecessary for the employees in your organization.

  • Practical, effective advice
  • Helpful diagrams, illustrations and examples included throughout
  • Clear and comprehensive index


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Human Resources,Labor and Employment Law


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