CLV Special Report - Understanding Ontario's Employment Standards Act, 2000

Mathew L.O. Certosimo; Michael Fitzgibbon

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This essential resource will guide you through the new Ontario employment standards

When the Ontario government proclaimed its new employment standards regime, the first revision in a quarter century, more than a few human resources professionals were unprepared. Even now, there remains a lot of uncertainty about how the new provisions are to be applied.

Understanding Ontario’s Employment Standards Act, 2000 will walk you through the new Act, the modified requirements in provisions that have changed, those that have stayed the same, and the likely effect of new provisions whose impact has not yet been fleshed out through regulations, interpretation bulletins or guidelines. The good news is that the sky has not fallen; the bad news is that a number of your workplace procedures and policies will likely have to be revamped to conform to the new provisions. This Special Report will lead you, step-by-step, through each of the important areas of the Act; payment of wages, hours of work, overtime, holiday pay, leaves of absence and termination. A useful checklist is appended to each section to help guarantee that no aspect of the new requirements is overlooked in implementing the changes.

Table of Contents • Introduction • Administrative Changes • Hours of Work • Overtime • Public Holidays and Vacation with Pay • Leaves of Absence • Parental • Termination • Enforcement • Conclusion • Endnotes.


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Human Resources,Labor and Employment Law


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