Cohabitation The Law In Canada

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A current reference on the rights and obligations of cohabitation when embarking on or dissolving a common law relationship.

This unique looseleaf is specifically focused on legislation and case law regulating domestic relations between unmarried spouses, including same-sex couples. Prepared by experts in the law of cohabitation and aided by contributions from experts from across Canada, each chapter deals with a particular topic, and analyzes both the legislation and case law pertinent to that topic in the common law provinces and Quebec. Explore the full spectrum of topics that can emerge from a common-law relationship. This book features comprehensive chapters on major issues, including:
  • Property rights
  • Support obligations
  • Death
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Children
  • Pensions
  • Tax implications
  • Miscellaneous consequences
  • Same sex cohabitation
  • A must-have reference tool for dealing with a very important area of family law, Cohabitation: The Law in Canada will help you advise your clients on the rights and obligations of cohabitation when embarking on or dissolving a common law relationship. A valuable appendix puts important information at your fingertips and includes the full text of all key legislation in each province and territory including key articles from the Quebec Civil Code together with a detailed bibliography of selected legal literature on the law of cohabitation. The work also includes a precedent section which includes a model cohabitation agreement, certificate of independent legal advice, a variation agreement and an agreement respecting parties who cease to cohabit. Regular supplements keep the work up-to-date. Thomson Reuters ProView™ The eBook version of this publication is available through your web browser, or can be downloaded to your desktop or laptop (Windows and Mac), iPad, or Android tablet. Visit to learn more and to see the complete collection of ProView ebooks.

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