Collective Bargaining and Agreement (Print + ProView online)

David J. Corry

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Contributing Authors: William E. Cascadden, Sylvia De Angelis, Laura L. Mensch, Harry G. Mugford, Kim E. Nutz, Cristie M. Sutherland, Jillian A. Vincent, Caryn S. Narvey and Lindsey Aufricht This service deals with every aspect of the collective bargaining process including: union-management relations, preparation for bargaining negotiations, and tactics and the law. It also includes the wording for common collective agreements. Vol. 1 Negotiation, Strategy and the Law offers a practical explanation of:

  • Industrial relations laws and practices
  • Good faith bargaining in light of recent decisions
  • The law governing strikes, lockouts, replacement labour and other management-union tactics
  • Why more negotiators are using mutual gains bargaining, including the inner workings of today's most effective bargaining techniques
  • The factors affecting union-management relations
Vol. 2 Collective Agreement Annotated:
  • Each chapter covers a key aspect of the agreement
  • Annotations include a summary of the law and a discussion of applicable legal cases
  • A checklist guides you in negotiation
  • Precedents are included, as well as an explanation of each sample clause
A CD-ROM contains the collective agreement and sample clauses. Thomson Reuters ProView™ The eBook version of this publication is available through your web browser, or can be downloaded to your desktop or laptop (Windows and Mac), iPad, or Android tablet. Visit to learn more and to see the complete collection of ProView ebooks.

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Labor and Employment Law


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