Construction, Builders' and Mechanics' Liens in Canada, 7th Edition (print + ProView)

David Bristow; Duncan Glaholt; R. Bruce Reynolds; Howard Wise; R. Bruce Reynolds

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Construction, Builders' and Mechanics' Liens in Canada, 7th Edition is the only national work of its kind – eliminating the need to search each provincial statute for the law on the subject you’re researching, and providing prescribed forms in a fillable format and authored precedents in Word on an accompanying CD-ROM.

Upcoming releases for this 7th Edition will incorporate the new provisions that will come into force in July 2018 relating to liens and holdback rules, and identify other key construction legislation changes. Bill 142, An Act to Amend the Construction Lien Act, includes 98 of the 101 recommendations identified by the review produced by the co-author of this text, R. Bruce Reynolds.

Designed to be a detailed commentary, this work incorporates a thorough discussion of all construction and builders lien legislation across the country as well as exhaustive treatment of case law, providing a wide-ranging national perspective. Written by four of Canadas leading construction law practitioners and experts,Quebec Chapter by David H. Kauffman, this looseleaf service offers:

  • An exhaustive analysis of the construction, builders and mechanics liens legislation from all Canadian jurisdictions;
  • Legislative concordances, chapter by chapter, to all similar corresponding and relevant legislative provisions across the country;
  • Guidance on construction lien practice before, during and after trial
  • A completely revised and comprehensive set of construction law forms and precedents offering invaluable practical guidance to practitioners; and
  • Summaries and analysis of every significant case in the construction lien area decided in trial and appeal courts throughout Canada.
  • Procedural summaries for the common law provinces outlining the steps to be taken in respect of builders and construction lien proceedings

The accompanying CD-ROM is an inexpensive, time-saving tool which helps the practitioner make the most of the prescribed forms and authored precedents contained in Construction Builders and Mechanics Liens in Canada 7th Edition. Each of the forms prescribed under the Construction Lien Act are included on the CD-ROM as fillable forms so that efficient use can be made of the prescribed forms by efficiently inserting the information that is unique and relevant to the factual circumstances of the lien action. The CD-ROM also includes all of the authored precedents that are in the text in Word format so that these precedents can be effectively utilized without having to re-type them in full.

This title is now also available on the Thomson Reuters ProView® platform, with an integrated search option for WestlawNext Canada subscribers.

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