Corporate Law for Ontario Businesses, Second Edition

Farah Jamal Karmali

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Understanding and applying the principles of corporate law is much easier with the right information. Corporate Law for Ontario Businesses is an easy-to-use resource that guides you through the theory and practical aspects of corporate law.

Designed for optimal learning Corporate Law for Ontario Businesses, Second Edition includes a textbook and a workbook, designed to work together to enhance your learning experience.

Review the textbook to develop a firm grasp of Ontario corporate law, then use the convenient workbook to apply the concepts discussed in the textbook.

A practical, plain-language textbook Get the perfect blend of legal theory and practical application – all in one plain-language, easy-to-use textbook. You’ll find statutory references and case law, as well as government forms and checklists. Every chapter includes an overview that helps you identify relevant sections.

BONUS – includes workbook Corporate Law for Ontario Businesses , Second Edition also includes a workbook that will help you apply the concepts covered in the textbook.

In the workbook, you’ll find blank precedents that you’ll complete using specific scenarios. You also get review exercises and other resources that will test and enhance your understanding of corporate law.

New in this edition

  • Detailed analysis of asset and share purchase transactions, public companies (including an overview of securities law), and due diligence (including a variety of corporate and other searches)
  • More precedents including asset and share purchase agreements and sample corporate searches
  • All chapters updated to reflect the latest legal developments


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Commercial Law


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