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With an emphasis on legal and medical issues, Crimes Against Children: Prosecution and Defence is a ground-breaking text which serves as a legal reference and practical guide to effectively prosecute and defend cases alleging the abuse of children. This book is divided into five parts.

Part I focuses on preparing child witnesses for court.

Part II, Trial Matters, deals with issues relevant to the testimony of children, including testimonial aids and competency, as well as evidentiary concerns, including Khan and K.G.B. applications.

Part III narrows in on the unique situation of sexual offence cases.

Part IV addresses expert opinion evidence, including a chapter on medical issues in child abuse cases.

Part V covers miscellaneous offences and defences.

This text contains the following additional features

  • Relevant legislation: Including key excerpts from the Canada Evidence Act, Criminal Code, and Youth Criminal Justice Act
  • Words and Phrases: A unique reference tool for accessing terms that are applicable to or that have been considered in the context of crimes against children
  • Sentencing Quantum: A reference chart providing access to a collection of sentencing decisions for certain offences against children
  • Issues in Focus: Legal memoranda providing a concise and thorough analysis of emerging issues in the area of criminal law involving children
  • Recommended Readings: Scholarly articles by academics and leading practitioners on special issues relevant to the subject matter of crimes against children

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