Damages for Breach of Contract, 2nd Edition (Print + ProView online)

Ronald Snyder; Harvin Pitch

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An in-depth study of the principles of law applicable to the remedy of damages for breach of contract including compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary loss, measuring damages, pre-judgment interest, taxation and damages.

This manual, designed for working practitioners, thoroughly examines the principles of law applicable to the remedy of damages for breach of contract. The authors take the reader through every step in the process, clearly setting out the various types of damages, including liquidated damages, punitive damages, damages for mental distress, aggravated damages, and nominal damages. The service also provides updated precedents for the most common claims as well as quantum tables, organized by contract type, which serve as a quick and easy reference tool. Individual chapters cover the following areas: compensation for pecuniary loss; measuring damages; loss of chance; compensation for non-pecuniary loss; nominal damages; liquidated damages; remoteness of damages; mitigation of damages; class actions for damages for breach of contract; contributory fault; inflation; date of assessment of damages; prejudgment interest; conversion of foreign currency claims; taxation and damages; practice and procedure.

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Commercial Law


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