Disclosure and Production in Criminal Cases (Print + ProView online)

Murray Segal

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This text examines the requirements imposed on the Crown, police and defence counsel to disclose the contents of their investigation file and to produce documents prior to a criminal trial. Decisions interpreting and applying the obligations are thoroughly reviewed, drawing on cases from across Canada and from courts of all levels. Contents include underlying principles exceptions to disclosure relationship of Crown to police and defence police notes remedies for breach production of confidential third party records and their use at trial. Appendices set out the Crown guidelines enunciated by the Attorney General of each province, plus statutory requirements under the Criminal Code and other legislation. Written by one of Canadas leading Crown attorneys and legal commentators. Thomson Reuters ProView™ The eBook version of this publication is available through your web browser, or can be downloaded to your desktop or laptop (Windows and Mac), iPad, or Android tablet. Visit carswell.com/proview to learn more and to see the complete collection of ProView ebooks.

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Criminal Law and Procedure


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