Education Law, 4th Edition

Marvin Zuker; Anthony Brown

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This practical treatise deals with all the key issues arising in the field of education law such as Charter rights, civil liability, the nature of school boards, special education, the role of teachers, student rights and responsibilities while placing education law within overlapping areas of law. Valued both for its currency and its ease-of-use, the 4th edition will be of interest to lawyers, school boards, teachers, school administrators, parents and faculties of education. Substantially revised and updated, the 4th edition includes:

  • The latest discussion of cyber-bullying
  • New discussion of the Multani decision and freedom of religion in schools
  • New discussion of the Jubran decision and student sexual-orientation discrimination
  • Timely discussion on the Wynberg decision on education rights of autistic children
  • New discussion of teachers' freedom of speech in the classroom
  • New discussion on searches of students in schools
  • Revised and expanded section on the role of teachers inside and outside the classroom
  • Extensive updates of case law on civil liability of boards
  • Updated section on safe schools


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Education Law


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