Electronic Commerce: A Practitioner's Guide (Print + ProView online)

J. Mann; Alan Gahtan; Martin Kratz

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For a world where constant change is the status quo, three experienced, authoritative practitioners offer this comprehensive, up-to-date guide to all aspects of Electronic Commerce, including:

  • The protection of intellectual property online, including copyright, trademarks and unfair competition, confidentiality and trade secrets, and such specialized issues as the copyright of databases
  • Criminal, tort and privacy issues, from liability for cyber-crimes to defamation and spamming
  • Issues relating to website content, be it advertising, marketing and promoting online, licensing content, or links, frames and meta tags
  • Discussion of the fundamental concerns of e-commerce: information security, privacy obligations, export controls, online contracting, domain names, payment systems and electronic cash, taxation, electronic records and consumer protection
  • Liability issues for Internet service providers, website operators, corporate and individual users
  • Others topics addressed are employers and the Internet, regulation of the Internet, Internet-based agreements, and sector specific issues such as online banking, insurance, securities, etc.
Written with the practitioner in mind, this work is organized in an accessible and well-indexed looseleaf format to facilitate regular updates from its distinguished contributors.

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Intellectual Property Law,Science and Technology Law


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